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Perfect for small
home and garden jobs


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Ideal for bathroom
& kitchen renovations


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great for bulky or heavy waste


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Small Skips

AKA 4 yard or Mini Skip

  • Capacity:3cu/m max.4cu/y max.
  • Length:1.83m max.6' max.
  • Width:1.29m max.4'3" max.
  • Height:0.97m max.3'2" max.
  • Bin Bags:30 - 40

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Medium Skips

AKA 6 yard or Midi Skip

  • Capacity:4.6cu/m max.6cu/y max.
  • Length:2.6m max.8.6' max.
  • Width:1.52m max.5' max.
  • Height:1.22m max.4' max.
  • Bin Bags:50 - 60

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Large Skips

AKA 8 yard Maxi or Builders Skip

  • Capacity:6cu/m max.8cu/y max.
  • Length:3.66m max.12' max.
  • Width:1.68m max.5'6" max.
  • Height:1.22m max.4' max.
  • Bin Bags:60 - 80

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